The Soiree Seniors group invites you to participate and join. Our dues are very modest that pay for a newsletter and incidental costs over the year. We have a number of activities coming up that might interest you. There is the policy that people can attend 3 events before being asked to join. We hope you enjoy what you see. To contact us, please click on the "Email Us" link on the bottom of every page

Upcoming Events

Check your mailed newsletter for details of each event and for certain events, who to call to reserve your place.

  • Wed Aug 17, 1pm - Birthday Bash, Harry's Hofbrau, San Leandro
  • Fri Aug 26, 4pm - Dinner, Elios Family Restaurant, San Leandro
  • Sat Aug 27, 10am - 4th Sat. Zoom
  • Thu Sep 8, 1pm, - 5 Spot Dance, Moose Lodge, Castro Valley
  • Thu Sep 8, 4pm, - Dinner, Silver Spoon, Castro Valley
  • Sat Sep 10, 9:30am - Rudys Donuts, Castro Valley
  • Sun Sep 11, 1pm - Tour, Oakland Aviation Museum
  • Tue Sep 13, 4pm - BBQ/Meek Park, Hayward
  • Fri Sep 16, 4pm, - Home Party, Fremont
  • Sat Sep 17, 10am - Sat. Zoom
  • Wed Sep 21, Birthday Bash, Harry's Hofbrau, San Leandro
  • Sat Sep 24, 4pm - Twining Vine Winery Tour, Castro Valley
  • Thu Sep 29, 10am - Brunch, Norman's, Castro Valley

Preview of coming events

  • Sat Oct 8, 9:30am - Rudys Donuts, Castro Valley
  • Tue Oct 11, 4pm - BBQ Meek Park, Hayward
  • Thu Ocr 13, 12pm Soiree Board Mtg
  • Wed Oct 19, 1pm Birthday Bash, Harry's, San Leandro
  • Sat Oct 22, Dinner, Basque Cultural Center, SSF
  • Thu Oct 27, Brunch
  • Sun Dec 4, Holiday Party
About Us

We are a Seniors Group, mostly singles, that like to enjoy ourselves and experience life in the San Francisco/Oakland East Bay Area. In non-Pandemic times, about two weeks before the beginning of each month, we publish our newsletter & send to all members. We are cautiously planning events, now that restrictions are being reduced. We do require that anyone attending our sponsored events be fully vaccinated.

Future Events
  1. Abby Tour - Oakland
  2. Alameda Radio Museum
  3. Ardenwood Farms
  4. BBQ
  5. Birthday Bash
  6. Bocce Ball, Dublin
  7. Car Tours - Public Art
  8. Guerin Park Tour and Lunch
  9. Hiller Aviation Museum
  10. Lake Chabot Park
  11. McConaghy House Tour
  12. Meek Estate Tour
  13. Miniature Golf
  14. Oakland Family History Library
  15. Oakland Temple
  16. Picnics
  17. Rudy's Donuts
  18. Sulphur Creek
  19. Winery Tour/Lunch
  20. Zoom Sessions - Saturday 10am
Latest News
  • During the Pandemic, we are experimenting with online meetings using Zoom. At present we are holding 4th Saturday, 10am sessions, by invitation (from our list of members).
  • We have started our very popular picnics and BBQs.
  • We began several dinner events each month at local restaurants. Also our monthly "Birthday Bash" Lunch at Harry's Hof Brau in San Leandro is now meeting.
  • Check out our recently updated photo gallery.
  • President - Maureen Watson
  • Vice President - Steve Jessen
  • Treasurer - Elaine Gunnari
  • Activities - Lyn Bellison
  • Publicity - Mary Breilh
  • Sunshine - Elma Bognot
  • Newsletter - Claudia McHenry
  • Barry Stockle
  • Richard Johnson